John Cauley

Attorney John P. Cauley is the aggressive fighter you need on your side for excellent defense against criminal charges. John is an experienced trial lawyer who enjoys a tough fight and knows how to win for his clients. A conviction on criminal charges will disrupt your future, causing stress, financial burdens and personal difficulties. Waging a unique and strong defense is your best chance to protect your freedom and your future; Attorney John P. Cauley stands ready to help you win that battle today!

Attorney John P. Cauley

John has served the people of middle Tennessee and Nashville with his exceptional legal skills and experience for over 20 years. After receiving a B.A. degree in Philosophy from Saint Vincent College, in 1986, John graduated from Michigan State University with a J.D.  in 1994. He now offers clients in need of strong State and Federal Criminal Defense the legal muscle they need through his private trial and appellate practice, the Law Office of John P. Cauley, in Franklin, TN.

John has devoted a lifetime of service to the community, first as an officer in the United States Marine Corps and then as an Assistant Attorney General in Tennessee. He was licensed to practice in U.S. District Court (Middle & Eastern Tennessee Districts) in 1995. John has enjoyed membership in the Tennessee Bar Association since 2007, and he continues to serve the community through many professional organizations.

Franklin Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are accused of a crime, face criminal charges or seek a modification of a previous conviction, you need the wisdom and experience that this Franklin Criminal Defense Lawyer will provide to fight for your freedom. At the Law Office of John P. Cauley, your case is handled personally by John. He will craft a smart and aggressive legal defense on your behalf and work diligently to get you the justice you deserve. His services are affordable, starting with a free consultation.

Why wait another minute in limbo over your current situation and your future? Take action now to secure legal representation from an experienced Franklin Criminal Defense Lawyer who can give you the legal muscle you need. Contact Attorney John P. Cauley at his law office in Franklin, TN, today to discuss your case. Call John today, at (615) 790-2426. Don’t be surprised if he personally answers your call – if he can, he will. He also returns calls promptly.

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