Practice Areas

Criminal Defense Attorney John P. Cauley has been helping clients for over 20 years. If you have been charged with a crime in Franklin, contact Mr. Cauley today. His practice areas include:

Criminal Appeals

If you have been convicted and sentenced in criminal court, you have the right to appeal that conviction to a higher court. The appeals process is long and difficult.

Criminal Defense

Just being charged with a criminal offense is life-changing. Your reputation suffers and you may lose your job. If you are a divorced or divorcing parent, you may face issues concerning child custody and visitation.


People who drive a car or other motor vehicle with a certain amount of alcohol in their system in the state of Tennessee are typically charged with a DUI, which stands for "Driving under the Influence."

Juvenile Defense

All states, including Tennessee, have special courts for minors who break the law. Instead of being charged with an adult crime and tried in a criminal court, minors are charged with a delinquency and tried in a juvenile court.


A conviction and sentence may seem incredibly overwhelming and unfair. You file an appeal and it is denied and your conviction and sentence are upheld.

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