A conviction and sentence may seem incredibly overwhelming and unfair. You file an appeal and it is denied and your conviction and sentence are upheld. You are distraught, but have heard of post-conviction relief and decide to continue your pursuit for justice. You need to consult with a Franlin post-conviction relief attorney who can help you decide how to proceed.

Post-Conviction relief following a denial of your appeal

Tennessee has established rules that must be followed in order to petition the court for post-conviction relief following the denial of your direct appeal. You will be asking the court to set aside your conviction and/or sentence.

You must convince the court that the denial of your appeal, or your conviction and sentence, were in violation of the state or federal constitution. The most common grounds for relief are based on ineffective assistance of trial or appellate counsel.

There are strict timelines as to when you can file your post-conviction motion. Other rules apply that, if not followed, can result in the denial of your motion before you are even granted a hearing on the merits of your case.

Attorney John P. Cauley can assist you with all types of post-conviction issues

There are a number of issues that may still haunt you even after you have exhausted all your appeals and post-conviction remedies. You may have been released from prison, but are still under court supervision. Here are just a few of the matters that may require legal assistance.

  • Expungement of your criminal record. There are strict guidelines and not everyone is a candidate. If you qualify, your record will be erased or sealed and it will be as if you were never convicted.
  • Removing your name from the sex offender registry.
  • Parole violation hearing.
  • Probation revocation hearing.
  • Deportation based on your criminal conviction.
  • Pardon applications.
  • Restoration of civil rights.

Attorney John P. Cauley is a Franklin post-conviction lawyer who has the experience you need to have on your side for any post-conviction matter. He is admitted to practice in both state and federal courts and will work diligently to obtain for you the relief you need.

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